Friday, August 27, 2010


Have you heard about this? This shit is bananas, man. Protein that destroys HIV. You heard that right, motherfucker. No more HIV? Can I get a fuck yeah? Fuck yeahhhhhhh!

"According to the article, researchers have been working with the protein since 2004 and found that TRIM5a first latches on to the virus and other proteins "gang up and destroy the virus." The protein is also found in humans but does not protect against HIV the way it does against other viruses. The article mentions that the new task is to "turn TRIM5a into an effective therapeutic agent.""

Gang up? Holy fuck this protein is badass. It's probably gonna gang up on your fucking liver, heart and brains after it's done with the virus, so you best be careful, motherfucker. Backstab this protein and it will fuck your shit up from the inside! Talk shit about it and it will make your penis shrivel down to the size of a peanut, dammit!

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go worship this badass protein and sacrifice a young virgin in its name so that it won't go batshit insane once it's in me. It probably will though, because it's such a badass fucking protein!

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